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13 Feb 2024
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What to Expect in this Inside Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to spring on the Outer Banks! As the vibrant season of renewal unfolds along the North Carolina coast, we invite you to embark on a journey through this enchanting destination teeming with natural beauty, exciting activities, and culinary delights. In this guide, we'll provide you with insider tips and insights to help you make the most of your springtime escape to the Outer Banks. From exploring pristine beaches and nature trails to savoring fresh seafood and soaking in breathtaking sunsets, we'll navigate you through the best experiences and hidden gems that await during this captivating season. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, our guide aims to inspire and inform, ensuring that your spring getaway on the Outer Banks is nothing short of unforgettable. So, let's dive in and discover the wonders that await in this coastal paradise!

Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Visit the Outer Banks

Spring emerges as the quintessential time to visit the Outer Banks, offering a harmonious blend of pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and flourishing natural beauty. With temperatures gradually warming up from the brisk chill of winter, spring presents an ideal climate for outdoor adventures and exploration. Visitors can bask in the gentle sun while strolling along pristine beaches, witness the vibrant revival of coastal flora and fauna along nature trails, and indulge in a myriad of water activities amidst the tranquil waters of the Atlantic Ocean. In the spring, the landscape awakens with bursts of color and life as it invites travelers to revel in its tranquil charm and rejuvenating atmosphere, making it the perfect time to savor the beauty and serenity of this coastal paradise.

Weather and Climate

Overview of Spring Weather on the Outer Banks

Spring weather on the Outer Banks is honestly some of the best you can get anytime of year! End your cabin fever with a chance to get out on the water or to the beach with plenty of amazing activities starting to ramp up for the season once the weather gets warm. Temperatures during the spring months tend to range from the high 50s to the low 70s, often with a welcome ocean breeze and plenty of sunshine. It really doesn’t get much better than a trip to a lighthouse with a warm breeze off the ocean or fishing with the sunlight reflecting off the sound. And while April water temperatures are usually still in the low 60s, don’t let that stop you from kayaking! And with our pools opening up on March 31 this year, plan ahead and see if your home offers pool heat, so there will be nothing stopping you from having the spring vacation of a lifetime!

(Please note: Pool heat is subject to availability. Please request heat at least a week in advance of your stay. Pool heat is available for select homes, with an additional charge.)

Ideal Clothing and Packing Tips

Forget those scarves and gloves, spring on the Outer Banks means t-shirts and flip flops! When preparing for a spring vacation on the Outer Banks, it's wise to pack a versatile wardrobe to accommodate fluctuating temperatures and occasional rain showers. 

  • Lightweight clothing such as shorts, t-shirts, and breathable fabrics are ideal for warmer days, while layering with long sleeves and light jackets is recommended since the mornings usually start off cooler and then warm up by about mid-day before getting cool again in the evenings. Windbreakers are also a good option for those bursts of cooler wind that can sometimes whip up off the ocean. 

  • Bring tennis shoes AND flip flops. Don't forget to pack comfortable walking shoes for exploring beaches and coastal trails. While you might want your feet to stay warmer while exploring a lighthouse or a trip to the aquarium, flip flops can be a great option when you want to give beachcombing a try on a warmer day.

  • Additionally, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat are essential for sun protection. 

  • Bringing along a lightweight waterproof jacket or poncho can come in handy during unpredictable spring showers. 

  • It's also advisable to pack insect repellent, especially for outdoor activities in marshy or wooded areas. 

  • Lastly, don't forget your swimsuit and beach towels for enjoying the gradually warming waters of the Atlantic Ocean. 

By packing smartly and considering the variable weather conditions, you'll be well-prepared to make the most of your spring vacation on the Outer Banks.

Average Temperatures and Conditions

The average spring weather on the Outer Banks is usually very mild. During spring on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, temperatures typically range from the mid-50s to the mid-70s Fahrenheit (12°C to 24°C). Springtime weather brings a mix of sunny days and occasional showers, with blossoming vegetation and moderate humidity. The Atlantic Ocean remains cool, but gradually warms up, making beach visits enjoyable for those who don't mind cooler waters. You can take a look at the ocean temperature averages by month here. Springtime on the Outer Banks offers a refreshing atmosphere, perfect for outdoor activities like beachcombing, kite flying, and exploring the area's natural beauty while avoiding the peak summer crowds. 

Top Spring Events and Festivals

Highlighting Local Festivals and Events

There are so many fun and exciting events on the Outer Banks during the spring. From St. Patrick's Day festivities to races and marathons to egg hunts and the Lost Colony Wine, Beer, & Culinary Festival, there's a little bit of something for everyone whether you decide to come in March, April, or early May. Here are some of the major events to be on the lookout for:

*Events and dates are subject to change.

Recommended Dates to Visit for Special Celebrations

As you can see, there's something going on just about every weekend during the spring months here on the Outer Banks! However, we know you want to spend your vacation wisely in order to capitalize on some of the best things you can experience on the beach! Here are some of our suggested stay periods to make sure you get the most out of your vacation. We're going to suggest Saturday-Saturday stay dates, but check the availability and check-in days for your preferred vacation rental before booking! Some homes have Sunday-Sunday stay dates while others let you check in on any day of the week.

  • March 16 - March 23
    Want to enjoy an Outer Banks vacation filled with parades and a weekend of St. Paddy's Day celebrations? Come this week to take advantage of some of the amazing March events on the Outer Banks. On March 16, partake in the Running of the Leprechauns 5K and 10K or the Annual St. Patrick's Day Weekend Beer Mile put on by OBX Running Company and the Outer Banks Brewing Station. The next day, arrive early on the beach road to get your spot in to watch the 33rd Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. Then spend the rest of the week reveling in the awesome Outer Banks scene and enjoying the warmer weather that starts to appear this time of year!
  • March 23 - March 30
    Easter is a little bit earlier this year but that doesn't mean you can't still experience all the best that the Outer Banks has to offer during this week! Starting March 29, the Fly Into Spring Kite Festival takes place at Jockey's Ridge and lasts all weekend leading up to the Easter Eggstravaganza with Kitty Hawk Kites on Saturday! This is the perfect chance to get the kiddos out of the house and let them have a blast watching kites and gathering eggs in this amazing coastal atmosphere. There are also plenty of churches of multiple denominations offering Easter Sunday services so whether you're looking for a traditional Mass or a sunrise service over the ocean, you can still celebrate in the way that means the most to you during your stay!
  • April 6 - April 13
    Come the next week to take advantage of the opening restaurants and wonderful foodie opportunities on the beach! Don't miss out on OBX Taste of the Beach at the end of the week for the chance to try some of the best food that our talented chefs can come up with. And while you're at it, be sure to get your ticket to the 6th Annual Lost Colony Wine, Beer & Culinary Festival - The Grand Tasting. Experience the history and delicious tastes of the Outer Banks!

Outdoor Activities

Exploring Nature Trails and Parks

Exploring nature trails and parks on the Outer Banks offers a captivating journey through diverse coastal ecosystems and stunning landscapes. From the maritime forests of Nags Head Woods to the wildlife-rich marshes of Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, visitors can immerse themselves in the region's natural beauty and biodiversity. Hiking trails wind through lush woodlands, revealing native plants and animals, while elevated walkways provide scenic views of grassy marshlands and waterways teeming with life. Jockey's Ridge State Park beckons with its towering sand dunes, offering exhilarating opportunities for sandboarding and kite flying against the backdrop of breathtaking sunsets over Roanoke Sound. Whether strolling along serene soundside paths or venturing into the heart of maritime forests, exploring nature trails and parks on the Outer Banks provides a memorable and enriching outdoor experience for nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

Water Activities - Kayaking, Surfing, and Fishing

Enjoy all the thrills as water activities abound on the Outer Banks, offering waterside adventures and serene moments against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean and the tranquil sounds. Kayaking enthusiasts can explore scenic waterways such as the Currituck Sound or the Pamlico Sound, paddling through marshes and spotting diverse wildlife along the shores. For adrenaline seekers, the Outer Banks' renowned waves beckon surfers, windsurfers, and kiteboarders of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros, with popular spots like Cape Hatteras and Kitty Hawk providing excellent swells year-round. Fishing aficionados can cast their lines from piers, charter boats, or surfside, chasing after prized catches like red drum, flounder, and striped bass in the warm coastal waters. Hatteras Island and the full stretch of land from Nags Head to Ocracoke that makes up Cape Hatteras National Seashore are known around the world for their spectactular fishing locations and regular access to a wide variety of large fish species. All these activities get you in the water and help you make the most of the beach's best feature,offering unforgettable experiences for adventurers and nature lovers alike.

Bird Watching and Wildlife Encounters

The Outer Banks, known for its beautiful beaches and delicious restaurants, is also known for being one of the best birdwatching locations in the nation. With its location near the Atlantic Ocean, the Outer Banks is an important stop on the Atlantic Flyway bird migration route, meaning that each year, thousands upon thousands of beautiful, migratory birds make their way to the Outer Banks for warmer winter travel. There are hundreds of different bird species that call the Outer Banks home throughout the year. Here is a list of some of the most common birds that you can expect to see during your Outer Banks birding adventure. For more detailed information and a more comprehensive look at the bird species native to the Eastern United States, check out The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America or The Shorebird Guide. The spring is a great time to visit for birdwatching as we're just coming out of the winter migratory months. Spring birdwatchers can easily see mallards, northern shovelers, tundra swans, American oystercatchers, and snow geese.

Amusements & Landmarks

Sometimes, when you want to get out of the house, there are few things better than a game of mini-golf, also known as putt-putt. Fortunately, there are several different putt-putt OBX options up and down the beach, from Corolla to Hatteras. They all have different themes with beautiful attractions that you're sure to see from the highway while exploring. Here's a list of putt-putt options for you and your family to have loads of fun during your next vacation! From the tallest brick lighthouse on the continent to a replica of an OBX lighthouse lost to the sound, each of the five magnificent Outer Banks lighthouses are unique and beautiful. Serving as both as educational landmarks and physical representations of our coast’s unparalleled maritime history, a visit to the OBX isn’t complete without an Outer Banks lighthouse tour. While you're at it, take a walk through Historic Corolla Village and take a tour of the Whalehead Club for a fun experience as you take in the fresh springtime air! Make your way to Kill Devil Hills for the chance to relive aerial history at the Wright Brothers Memorial. It's also the perfect place to go for a walk and enjoy the wind coming off the ocean. Heading further south, make your way to Jockey’s Ridge State Park to fly a kite, climb the massive sand dune, or take a hang gliding lesson! In Manteo, visit the Roanoke Island Festival Park or spend some time at Island Farm for a fun history lesson that your whole family we be talking about for years! And while you're on your way to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, make sure to spend some time at the Cape Hatteras National Seashore playing in the surf and taking in the beautiful environment.

Dining and Culinary Experiences

Seasonal Cuisine and Fresh Seafood

Spring on the Outer Banks heralds the arrival of a bounty of seasonal cuisine and freshly caught seafood, tantalizing the taste buds of visitors and locals alike. As the weather warms, local restaurants showcase the best of the season, featuring dishes brimming with vibrant flavors and locally sourced ingredients. From succulent soft-shell crab sandwiches to delicate shrimp and grits, spring menus highlight the region's rich maritime heritage and culinary prowess. Oyster roasts and fresh-off-the-boat seafood abound, celebrating the abundance of freshly harvested oysters, clams, and fish from nearby waters. Be on the lookout for fresh mahi and shrimp to be the stars of the show. Whether indulging in a classic seafood boil from the comfort of your vacation rental or savoring innovative dishes crafted with seasonal produce, dining on the Outer Banks in spring promises a culinary adventure filled with the freshest flavors of the season.

Outdoor Dining Options with a View

Imagine this: a mesmerizing sunset painting the sky over the endless ocean, while a gentle sea breeze caresses your skin, and a platter of mouthwatering Outer Banks seafood tantalizes your taste buds. Luckily, the coastline is adorned with a plethora of exceptional waterfront eateries, each offering unparalleled views and culinary delights. To get the most of your vacation dining experiences with a view, check out our list of the top places for outdoor dining on the Outer Banks! From the Oceanfront Grille in Corolla to Miller's Waterfront Restaurant in Nags Head, you'll be able to find an unforgettable waterfront dining experience wherever you are on the Outer Banks.

Local Farmers' Markets

While the summer offers a wide variety of farmer's markets and local outdoor vendor experiences, you won't want to miss out on the Soundside Spring Market at the Soundside Event Site in Nags Head. Building on the momentum created by the The Dowdy Park MarketThe First Flight MarketThe Secotan Market, and the Muse OBX Markets, the Soundside Spring Market will provide another amazing opportunity for supremely talented local artisans and makers to get in front of their clientele to share their wares, their stories, and their spirit with Outer Banks visitors and locals alike. You won't want to miss out on this amazing Outer Banks experience.


Choosing the Right Accommodations for Spring

Just like any vacation you take it's important to plan ahead and think about what kind of vacation rental you want during your stay. The benefit of coming during the spring is the fact that you'll actually have a little bit more freedom and even more reasonably priced options available!Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking about a place to stay for your vacation


Even though the Outer Banks is sometimes thought of as a single, cohesive unit, it's actually make up of several different towns, each with their own unique feel and atmosphere. Looking to stay in the heart of the action? A home in Kill Devil Hills or Duck might make the most sense. Prefer quiet seclusion away from traffic? Northern Corolla or something on Hatteras Island will give you what you're looking for. Browse our rentals by town to find the perfect spot to spend your week (or more) on the Outer Banks.

Oceanfront, Soundfront, or Somehwere In-Between

Here at Seaside Vacations, we pride ourselves in offering you a wide variety of homes with plenty of different locations depending on how you want to spend your vacation. Want direct beach access? Check out one of our oceanfront homes. Prefer easy access to fishing and kayaking? A soundfront home may be exactly what you need. We've also got a variety of rentals on the soundside, oceanside, and with varying check-in days, so you can easily pick the vacation rental that suits your needs.


Are you looking for a quiet 2-person retreat? Or maybe something a little larger for the whole family? Think about how many rooms and bedrooms you need to keep everyone comfortable all week. Splitting up the cost of a vacation based rooms can also mean you get that dream house without having to pay too much for your stay. Talk with your group and search our website for the option that best suits your family.


When booking your dream vacation, think about what kind of experience you're looking for. Do you want a resort-style home with all the amenities you need to spend the week there, like a pool and tennis? Need something dog friendly? Or do you just want the basics? Properties equipped with outdoor amenities like decks, grills, and private pools offer opportunities for alfresco dining and leisurely sun-soaked afternoons while homes with game rooms and theaters offer an all-inclusive stay. 

Proximity to Activities

Are you willing to drive to get to big activities like shopping? Or would you rather something within walking distance of grocery stores or the Wright Brothers Memorial? All of our homes give you a map estimation of the location of our homes so you can decide if you'd rather have seclusion or stay somewhere right in the middle of the action.

Types of Homes We Offer


Perfect for families seeking accommodations with amenities like pools and beach access, condos provide a home-away-from-home atmosphere. They are also ideal for couples and smaller groups looking for a cozy yet stylish retreat near the coast, offering the flexibility to enjoy the area's attractions while relishing the comforts of a private space. Many condos on the Outer Banks offer views of the ocean without the large, beachfront home price tag, making this the perfect way to spend a week at the beach on a budget.

Beachfront Properties

Beachfront homes epitomize luxury and serenity, offering unparalleled access to the pristine shores and breathtaking ocean views. These coveted accommodations are perfect for discerning travelers seeking the ultimate coastal retreat, whether it's families looking for a fun-filled beach vacation, couples desiring a romantic getaway, or family groups craving a memorable beachside escape where everyone can reconnect while greeting each day with a sunriose over the ocean. With direct access to the sandy shores and the soothing sounds of the waves, beachfront properties provide an idyllic setting for relaxation, rejuvenation, and unforgettable memories. If you're looking for the ultimate oceanside experience, consider booking an oceanfront or semi-oceanfront home.

Oceanside Homes

Oceanside homes on the Outer Banks of North Carolina offer an unparalleled vacation experience for beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Nestled along the pristine coastline, these homes cater to families, couples, and groups seeking tranquility and adventure. With quick and easy access to the sandy shores of the beach and panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, they provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation. From spacious decks for sunrise yoga sessions to cozy interiors ideal for family gatherings, oceanside homes offer a blend of comfort and coastal charm. Booking one ensures a memorable stay filled with beachcombing, surfing, fishing, and sunset strolls, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle of the Outer Banks.

Large Family Homes

We also offer large family homes with upwards of 10 bedrooms! Large family vacation rental homes are tailor-made for multigenerational gatherings, reunions, and family group getaways. With spacious layouts, ample bedrooms, and multiple living areas, these homes comfortably accommodate large families or groups of friends, fostering togetherness while providing individual privacy. Booking a large family vacation rental home ensures that everyone can stay under one roof, creating cherished memories through shared experiences like family dinners, game nights, and beachside celebrations, making it a convenient and memorable choice for your Outer Banks getaway.


Soundside and soundfront rental homes on the Outer Banks offer tranquil retreats overlooking the serene waters of the sound. Perfect for families seeking a peaceful getaway or nature enthusiasts craving proximity to coastal ecosystems, these homes provide stunning sunset views and opportunities for kayaking, paddleboarding, and birdwatching right from your doorstep. Booking a soundside or soundfront rental home allows guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the Outer Banks while enjoying the comforts of a waterfront retreat, making it an ideal choice for those seeking relaxation and outdoor adventures.

Special Deals and Packages

Looking for a special deal? Check out our regularly-updated Specials page and keep an eye out for limited-time only deals and discounts! And keep reading for a special deal on participating spring stays!

Insider Tips for a Memorable Spring Vacation

Off-the-Beaten-Path Attractions

While the Outer Banks is renowned for its iconic lighthouses, scenic beaches, and bustling coastal towns, hidden gems off the beaten path beckon travelers seeking authentic experiences and lesser-known attractions. From the secluded shores Springer's Point Preserve on Ocracoke Island, where time seems to stand still amid historic village remnants, to the enchanting beauty of the Elizabethan Gardens, brimming with colorful blooms and tranquil pathways, off-the-beaten-path attractions offer a glimpse into the region's rich history and natural wonders. Explore the mysterious allure of the Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse, tucked away along the Manteo waterfront, or venture into the pristine maritime forests of Nags Head Woods, home to diverse wildlife and scenic hiking trails. One of the most unique things you can do for fun during your Outer Banks vacation is to take a hang gliding lesson at Jockey’s Ridge State ParkWhether uncovering hidden historical sites or wandering through secluded natural preserves, exploring off-the-beaten-path attractions on the Outer Banks promises unforgettable adventures and discoveries for the intrepid traveler.

Local Recommendations from Residents

The big local attractions like Jockey’s Ridge State Park and the Wright Brothers Memorial are popular for reason. But sometimes, the best way to enjoy any vacation is to embrace the activities that are a little less obvious and enjoy the Outer Banks like a local. Check out our guide for where to stay from a local's perspective and don't miss out on some of the best free and low-cost things that will make your vacation unforgettable!


Make sure to catch and sunrise over the ocean and be sure to go beachcombing, especially after a storm. This is the perfect time to find sea glass, a wide variety of shells, and egg casings from sharks and rays!

Downtown Manteo

Be sure to spend some time exploring the charming town of Manteo, where you can stroll along the historic waterfront, visit the Roanoke Island Festival Park, and indulge in fresh seafood at local favorites like Avenue Waterfront Grille and Blue Water Grill & Raw Bar. Visit the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site and Island Farm for an unforgettable history lesson and hit up Jumpmasters OBX Trampoline Park and the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island for fun for the whole family!

Visit Hatteras Island

Set aside a day during your stay to take a scenic drive along the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, stopping to admire the iconic Bodie Island Lighthouse and explore the hidden beaches of Hatteras Island along the way.  And while you're down there, be sure to schedule a stop by Orange Blossom Bakery. As a local favorite with roots on the island dating back to the 1950s, Orange Blossom Bakery serves up delicious pastries of all sorts—donuts, turnovers, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and cheese danishes. But the most well-known and highly sought-after item at this quaint little bakery is their signature pastry: the apply ugly. 

Take a Day Trip to Ocracoke

Embarking on a day trip to Ocracoke is a quintessential Outer Banks experience that promises a journey into tranquil island living and rich maritime history. From Hatteras Village, travelers can hop aboard the ferry that will take you to Ocracoke Island. Upon arrival, visitors can explore the picturesque village, meander through narrow streets lined with historic cottages, and soak in the island's unique culture at quaint shops and local eateries. Discover the legendary tales of Blackbeard the pirate at the Ocracoke Preservation Society Museum, stroll along pristine beaches, or rent a bicycle to leisurely explore the island's natural beauty. Whether savoring fresh seafood at waterfront restaurants, admiring the Ocracoke Lighthouse, or simply relaxing on sun-kissed shores, a day trip to Ocracoke offers an unforgettable escape into the timeless allure of island life on the Outer Banks.

Must-Try Hidden Gems and Unique Experiences

If you're looking for something unique to add a little extra fun to your memorable Outer Banks vacation, you'll find no shortage of exciting things to do! Explore the history of shipwrecks at the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum in Hatteras or windsurfing at Canadian Hole. Search for the 99 winged horses erected during the 2003 Centennial of Flight celebration commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ first flight in Kill Devil Hills and check out a reenactment of daring water rescue at the Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station in Rodanthe. If you're more interested in hidden gems, head down to Roanoke Island to see the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Site momument commemorating the Freedman’s Colony or the Wright Brothers Garage Monument memorializing the place where the Wright Brothers stayed and are believed to have constructed their glider. Lastly, be sure to visit the British Cemetery on Ocracoke Island and the Hatteras Island British Cemetery in Buxton on your way back through for unforgettable historical experience that you'll be talking about for years to come.

Plan Your Spring Getaway Today!

Whether you're looking to take advantage of some of the fun, outdoor activities taking place on the Outer Banks in the spring, or you want to capitalize on the warmer weather during your spring break, a spring getaway to the Outer Banks has a little bit of something for everyone! Use this guide to help plan your ultimate Outer Banks spring getaway that will help you make memories to last a lifetime!

Book your stay today in one one of our cozy vacation rentals and exploring all the best and brightest that the Outer Banks has to offer. Give our wonderful Guest Services Team a call today at (866) 884-0267 or take a look at our available rentals to get started planning your next historic adventure to the Outer Banks.

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