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4 Jun 2019
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At Seaside Vacations, we believe that your vacation to the Outer Banks should be the most exciting and memorable time of your life because the Outer Banks is more than just a vacation destination. The Outer Banks is a series of small towns rich in history and local culture. A week of unique and thrilling experiences. Local seafood caught off of a boat just hours before it’s served on your plate. Miles and miles of water, sparkling in the sun, as far as the eye can see. Sunrises and sunsets so unbelievable you are left speechless.

That’s why Seaside Vacations wants to give you with more than just a vacation home. We want to provide our guests with a total hassle-free vacation complete with awesome local experiences through our exclusive Club Seaside program.

What is Club Seaside?

In order to introduce our guests to local businesses and new, fun experiences to try while they are on vacation, Seaside Vacations developed our Club Seaside program! Club Seaside is simply a partnership between Seaside Vacations and different local companies designed to provide our guests with exclusive offers, discounts, promotions and complimentary deals! All Seaside Vacation guests are automatically eligible for Club Seaside promotions – there is no membership or anything that our guests are required to buy into. You simply get to enjoy the benefits as part of your experience of booking a vacation rental through Seaside Vacations!

What Kind of Discounts are Available?

We have dozens of different options available to our guests! Looking for a fishing charter? Need to rent watersports equipment? Interested in a wine tasting? Want to host a clambake at your rental home? Have you always wanted to take a wild horse tour? Do you need luggage shipping or grocery delivery? Need to work out or take a yoga class? Do you love to try new adventures? Would you like to create a craft project? Craving some ice-cold frozen yogurt? We’ve got you covered!

With a ride range of activities available, we strive to offer something for everyone and our list of partners is growing all the time! Club Seaside promotions vary by business ranging from 10%-30% off different products and activities and including free items and complimentary services. Enjoy discounts and special promotions in the following categories:

  • Activities and Adventures
  • Rentals and Gear
  • Tours and Charters
  • Food and Wine
  • Art and History
  • Health and Wellness
  • Essentials and Services

Where Are The Businesses Located?

The short answer to this question is that it varies! Club Seaside partners stretch all across the Outer Banks so you can find different activities in each town. Promotions for marine tours and charters typically depart from Wanchese Marina, Pirate’s Cove Marina or Oregon Inlet. Some discounts are only available with online purchases. Many of our partners offer services that come right to your rental home so you don’t even have to leave your house. We even have offers available on mainland Currituck which you could take advantage of on your way in or out of the Outer Banks!

How Do I Learn More About Individual Offers?

While you’re in town on your Outer Banks Vacation, simply browse our Club Seaside Page and look for activities that sound interesting to you! Best of all – you aren’t limited to just one or two activities. You can take advantage of as many of the offers as you want!

When clicking on an individual activity, you will be able to learn what the discount is, where the activity takes place, when the offer is valid, and how to redeem the offer. The business website, phone number, and a contact e-mail is also listed in case you have questions. It’s important to read the specifics very carefully. Some offers are only applicable on certain days or during certain times. Some activities also require advance reservations so you may want to check on the different available offers before your vacation starts.

How Do I take Advantage of Club Seaside?

To redeem your discount, most Club Seaside partners need your reservation # or require you to enter in a promo code (which is available on the individual activity page). Some simply require you to mention that you are a guest of Seaside Vacations. Read the instructions carefully to ensure you are properly redeeming your discount. Ready to get started? Click the button below to browse our Club Seaside activities!

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