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14 Nov 2019
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Ah… family. The people you love who are always there for you when you need them, even when they live far away. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for families to be spread out all across the globe meaning that a lot of families are only able to get together once a year—during the holidays. The best way to solve this distance is with a family reunion here on the Outer Banks! Whether you’re always in charge of planning the annual family gathering or if you’ve just been missing your long-distance relatives and think a reunion is long overdue, here are our Top 5 Reasons to Rent an OBX Vacation Home for your Family Reunion.

1) The Reunion Doubles as a Vacation

Are you one of the millions of Americans suffering from vacation deprivation? Do you feel guilty for leaving the office or scheduling time off for yourself? This day in age, these feelings among workers are the norm. Luckily, a family reunion is a great reason to use some of those vacation days you’ve been stockpiling and you won’t feel selfish about it since the purpose of the trip is a scheduled family event. On the other hand, and what your co-workers don’t need to know, is that you’ll be heading to the #1 Best Family Beach Vacation destination in the US!

2) No One Has to Host

We get it—hosting a family reunion, or even a simple family gathering, can be stressful. You have to clean and scrub every inch of the house. You have to do all the shopping and cooking. Maybe you have to rearrange your current sleeping layout to fit those aunts and uncles coming in from out of town by pulling out extra towels, sheets and air mattresses for everyone. When all is said in done, you’ve spent more time laboring over the event than enjoying it.

When you rent a vacation home through Seaside Vacations, you don’t have to lift a finger! From the day you arrive to the day you leave, Seaside offers a hassle-free experience for our guests. You will walk into a fresh, clean home, the beds will be made with fresh linens, and a set of towels/wash cloths will be provided for each guest! All you have to do is show up ready to relax and spend time with loved ones. We even offer free grocery delivery—all you have to do is order and purchase your grocery items and they will be brought to your rental home when you check-in so you don’t have to worry about heading out to busy supermarkets.

3) Vacation Homes Won't Break the Bank

A lot of people think that renting a vacation home is too expensive. However, a vacation rental is often more affordable than a hotel and provides amenities that a hotel just can't offer. Plus, for a larger reunion, wouldn't it be better to have everyone in one house with their own room than trying to coordinate activities from different hotels? Whether your reunion has a family of four or a family of twenty, Outer Banks vacation homes are very cost-effective.

Book an OBX Rental for a Large Family

Let’s look at one of our largest homes: The Salted Rim Retreat. This gorgeous 9-bedroom Corolla home can fit 20 guests. That’s the perfect size for a multi-generational family to come together but allows everyone to still have their own space.

In the middle of July, the weekly rental rate is $15,795.* At first glance, you might think that is way too much but you have to remember that this is being split among several people so let's break this down. We’ll assume you want to add travel insurance (better to be safe than sorry!) We'll also include the guest service fee and the 12.75% state and county tax making your total cost to rent The Salted Rim Retreat for a week is $19,143.06.

Now take $19,143.06 and divide that by 20 people. WOW—you get a shocking total of only $957.15 per person. That’s right: each individual’s trip for an entire week is less than $1,000, or about $137 bucks a day. This is simple enough to budget and thanks to our layaway payment plan, it's easy to make monthly payments! Now, if you’re anything like my family, only the adults count themselves when budgeting so it can get a bit tricky. Maybe you have 20 guests attending the reunion but only some are paying. Here is a quick, easy breakdown on what each person would owe:

OBX Rental for a Small Family

Of course, the more people you have in your family group, the less everyone will pay when the total is split up. But what if you have a smaller family? Does it still divide out to a cost-effective trip? Let’s look at Beach Haven, an oceanside Kitty Hawk home with 6 bedrooms and space for up to 14 guests. For the same July week, the rent is $7,275.00.* Add required taxes, the guest service fee and travel insurance and you get a total due of $8,869.12.

Like last time, we’ll assume your family has agreed to split the home evenly by 14 people. That breaks down to just $633.51 per person (or $90.50 per person per day)! Less people going or paying? No problem! Here is an easy breakdown for what each person would owe:

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t let the total cost scare you. Find your dream home, determine who will be coming to the reunion, and divide the cost however you all see fit! You’ll be surprised how affordable it really is to treat yourself to an oceanside retreat.

*Advertised rates are for rent only. NC and Dare County will charge additional sales tax and Seaside charges a guest service fee based on # of bedrooms. You can also purchase optional coverages like Travel Insurance, Early Check-In, Late Check-Out, Extra Towels, Mid-Week Cleanings, Pool Heat, Beach Towels, etc. Before selecting a home, determine your family’s per-person budget and factor in these additional charges to the rent.

4) Enjoy Luxurious Home Amenities

You may already be on board simply knowing you don’t have to host the reunion this year but there are stilll more reasons to book your reunion on the Outer Banks! Not only are our vacation rental homes cost-effective but our rental homes provide a host of amenities that you’ll find incredibly valuable.

For example, let’s take another look at The Salted Rim Retreat (the home we mentioned above). This home has 9 bedrooms (8 king bedrooms and 1 room with 2 bunk bed sets), 9 bathrooms, a private pool (heat optional), a recreation room with a pool table and wet bar, a home theater, a screened porch with a gas grill and dining area, A/C, WiFi, a gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a bubbly hot tub, community tennis, a fenced yard, an outdoor shower, a large living area and spacious oceanfront decks with a front-row seat to the most incredible sunrises you’ll ever see.

Although that’s an example of just one of our homes, you get the gist! We have a home available to match any family need, including families who bring along their four-legged companions! A few of our other available amenities include: volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, tiki bars, private docks with boat lifts, bikes/kayaks/and other beach gear, basketball nets, arcade games, and more! We have properties on the oceanfront, properties on the soundfront and everywhere in between. Some of our homes are in neighborhoods that even offer community perks like playgrounds, private beach accesses, state-of-the-art-gyms, trolley service, golf memberships and more!

5) Choose Between Endless Dining and Activity Options

Although this is last on our list, it may be the best reason of all! When you schedule a family reunion at the Outer Banks, there’s no need to worry about entertaining anyone in your family because there are so many possibilities to choose from when it comes to dining, shopping, and daily activities—and that’s on top of all the fun amenities available at your rental home.

What to Do

From trying a new watersport or windsport adventure or seeing the Corolla Wild Horses to sitting around a bonfire on the beach or checking out the top 12 OBX landmarks, you and your family have a plethora of options that will encourage quality time together without anyone getting bored! Maybe you want to go golfing, take a drive down one of America’s top scenic byways, or visit one (or all) of the 5 lighthouses of the Outer Banks! If you prefer the peace and serenity of the ocean, try beachcombing or taking a quiet walk along our pristine beaches.

Looking for something unique? Pay a visit to one of these OBX secret spots, check off every item on this Outer Banks bucket list, or follow our daily itinerary for the ultimate OBX family vacation. Got a few stubborn teens in your family? No problem—check out our suggestions for the top 5 obx activities for teens! Trying to save money? Check out our Club Seaside Program for discounts and special promotions on local OBX activities available exclusively for anyone who rents a Seaside Vacations rental home! For example, our partnership with Kitty Hawk Kites allows guests to rent beach equipment and watersport equipment for an exclusive discounted rate. You can even order beach setup services so you don't have to worry about lugging your chairs and umbrellas around in the sand—just show up and relax!

What to Eat

Many people say that food is their favorite part of any big family gathering and having a reunion in your Outer Banks rental doesn’t mean you have to skip out on a grand meal! The Outer Banks is actually a foodie’s paradise and whether you choose to dine out at one of our delicious restaurants or prefer to cook at home, one thing is for certain: you will love the easy access to the fresh, locally-caught seafood.

Keep it Hassle-Free

If you have a large family, it can be hard to get everyone out to a restaurant, especially during peak dining hours where you have to wait for a table. On the other hand, this is your "vacation" and the whole reason you didn’t host was because you didn’t want to have to cook. So, what do you do? That’s easy—get a chef dinner in your rental home!

Seaside Vacations wants our guests to have a hassle-free experience and that’s why all of our guests get to enjoy our exclusive Club Seaside Program! Through the program, you can enjoy a chef-prepared meal right in your rental home all for a discounted rate! Here are some tasty options:

  • Try a family-style clambake through Clambake OBX! Nothing says “beach fare” quite like a clambake. Unfortunately, throwing together a clambake can be a lot of work so let someone do the work for you! Clambake OBX will come right to your rental home and do the preparing, cooking, serving and cleaning… all you have to do is enjoy your meal! They will supply an offering of USDA choice meats that have been carefully selected for you along with fresh seafood that’s caught locally on the Outer Banks. They’ll also set up all of their clambake meals buffet style along with a collection of appropriate side items to accompany the offering of food. They are able to accommodate any size group and will make plenty of seafood and non-seafood options so kids and adults of all age ranges and palates will enjoy! Click here to learn more! (You’ll be eligible for various discounts that vary based on your menu choices!)
  • Try a fine-dining experience through Red Sky Café Chefs On Call: Red Sky Café will work with you to pick out a custom menu for your group (they are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions) consisting of appetizers, entrees, sides and fresh desserts. Then a professional chef will come to your beach home with all of the supplies they need, make the meal, present it in buffet/family style, box up any left overs, and clean up afterwards! You literally don’t have to lift a single finger! Click here to learn more! (You’ll save 10% off your total Chefs on Call order!)
  • Try a poolside Italian Ice service with OBX Sunset Slush: Don’t forget about dessert! The best way to beat the heat this summer is with a refreshing Italian Ice! OBX Sunset Slush will actually bring a mobile Italian Ice Cart right to your rental home—perfect for a poolside afternoon. This service lasts for 2 hours and includes everything – server, all supplies, and unlimited Italian Ice! Select from individual flavors or swirled combinations for a unique taste. Click here to learn more! (You’ll save 15% off your 2-hour cart service!)

Start Planning an OBX Family Reunion!

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