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Jockey's Ridge State Park

For visitors to the Outer Banks who have traveled along Highway 158 through Nags Head, Jockey’s Ridge—the massive mound of sand that sits along the sound side of the island—is virtually impossible to miss. Towering 100 feet tall and extending across an area of more than 420 acres, Jockey’s Ridge State Park has been a popular destination for tourists and Outer Banks locals for decades.

One of the most spectacular areas on the Outer Banks is Carova Beach, an undeveloped set of beaches only accessible by vehicles with 4-Wheel Drive. Visit the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge, which can only be reached by 4WD or boat, where you can see 13 acres of untouched beach, maritime forest, and brackish marsh, making it the perfect place for photographers, hikers, and anyone who wants to enjoy the untouched beauty of the northern Outer Banks.

One of the best things about an Outer Banks vacation is the ability to enjoy fresh-caught local seafood right off the boat at any number of fantastic local restaurants. But when you’re ready to purchase fresh, local seafood to whip up your own masterpiece, the Outer Banks also has a wide variety of local Outer Banks seafood markets that will ensure you’ve got the freshest catch available for your vacation meal. Keep reading to find the closest seafood market to your vacation home, listed by town.

When coming to the Outer Banks for vacation, you want to spend your time relaxing, hanging out on the beach, and enjoying all of the adventures that the Outer Banks has to offer, not worrying about grocery shopping. Fortunately, the Outer Banks is home to many chain grocery stores, as well as local markets, where you can easily find everything you need during your stay.

The Outer Banks is home to many different types of marine wildlife and many different types of jellyfish, but jellyfish are found all over the world, in both the deep ocean and in shallow waters close to the surface. They are believed to have existed for millions of years and predate even the dinosaurs, let alone us humans enjoying our vacations here on the Outer Banks!