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Best OBX Coffee Shops

Out for a day of shopping and need a caffeine boost? Maybe you're leaving your favorite lunch destination and need something sweet? Here on the Outer Banks, we love coffee no matter the season and we have awesome local coffee shops and cafés to prove...

Visitors to Geri's Place will love the cozy feel of these beautiful beach cottages in South Nags Head. Located at Milepost 21 in South Nags Head, Geri's Place Rental Cottages have been providing guests with their perfect vacation experience for more than 30 years. These cottages provide the best of both worlds, situated a short drive from many of the Outer Banks' most famous attractions while also sitting just 1 mile north of the Park Service National Seashore, meaning that when it's time to just get away from it all, quiet and nearly undeveloped beaches are just a short walk away.

Driving on the Beaches of the Outer Banks

One of the best things about visiting the Outer Banks is the ability to drive your Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) directly on the beach in many places. However, it’s important to keep in mind that driving on the sand is very different from driving on payment. There are many important things to know and prepare for before you decide to take your 4-Wheel Drive (4WD) vehicle off the road and onto the beach.

Outer Banks Surfer

When you’re looking for breaking waves on the Outer Banks, it’s not always as simple as grabbing your board and heading east until you hit the sand. Yes, the OBX is famous for some of the best breaks on the east coast. However, they’re not always as easy to locate as those off the Pacific. We asked some true OBX locals some of their go-tos for frequent swells. Graciously, they decided to divulge some of their favorite hot spots!