Outer Banks Bucket Lists: 18 Must-Dos from a Lifelong OBX Local

I am LOVING our new Outer Banks Bucket Lists blog series!I've received a bunch of great lists that I can't wait to share with you. So cool to see all of the different perspectives of great OBX tips and can't miss attractions.I hope you're digging it as much as me, and if you have some great OBX Bucket Lists, please share in the comment section below. We'd love to hear what you love about the Outer Banks!

Today's OBX Bucket List comes to us from a lifelong Outer Banks resident. Born and raised on the OBX beaches, so it's safe to say he has some great OBX tips. Check out this killer list of 18 must-do's from a lifelong OBX local...
  1. Head to Corolla to walk to the top of the lighthouse - amazing views of the Outer Banks!
  2. A drive to Carova to see the wild horses - while you're up there, you might as well see some wild horses. :)
  3. Pack for the day and spend the whole day on the beach.
  4. Spend time walking around Tim Buck 2 in Corolla - might as well stop off for a bite to eat and some quick shopping on your drive back....so much to choose from at Tim Buck 2!
  5. Fishing from the Kitty Hawk Pier - a classic OBX pier with some great fishing.
  6. Swimming out to a local wreck with snorkel gear to look at everything - are you aware of all the ship wrecks close to the beach on the Outer Banks? Seriously, you can swim to them...try it!
  7. Jockey’s Ridge - definite must to do climb to the top of the highest sand dune on the east coast...try to time it for sunset and watch one the best sunsets you'll ever see.
  8. Deep Sea Fishing - tough to beat a day miles out in the ocean catching some BIG fish.
  9. Night Cruise on the Crystal Dawn - a cruise around the Sound at night is often overlooked...don't overlook it. :)
  10. Walking through Downtown Manteo - Manteo is usually overlooked too! It is such a gorgeous waterfront town...with amazing shops, art, and food. The late/great Andy Griffith claimed Manteo is the closest thing to the real Mayberry.
  11. Day trip to Ocracoke - the perfect day trip. Great scenic ride through Hatteras, a free ferry ride, and a day on a gorgeous island that feels like you stepped back in time.
  12. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse - while you're heading South, stop at the iconic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse...it's worth the pit stop. And if waves are rolling in, take a look at the amazing surfers at one of the east coast's most notorious surf spots.
  13. Breakfast at Nags Head Fishing Pier - breakfast overlooking the ocean - actually hanging over the ocean - a definite must-do. And the breakfast is delicious. Get there early so you can get a window seat.
  14. Spend thanksgiving with family at a nice sound front home - nothing beats a holiday at the beach, and Thanksgiving is a great time of year to be here. Checkout Sound Therapy.
  15. Build a huge sandcastle on the beach - of course the beach needs to be on this list! A day in the sand building a giant castle is amazingly fun for the entire family, and in the end, there's a great sense of accomplishment...and you're at the beach!
  16. Prepare Outer Banks clam chowder - might as well try a great local recipe. :)
  17. Take the 264 approach to the OBX (around Hyde County) - There's more than one way to drive to the OBX, and this route is quiet and very scenic.
  18. Take a brewing tour of the Outer Banks Brewing Station - while there, taste some of their homemade brew and amazing food. Grabbing a sandwich at Stop N Shop - S & S has some of the best beach sangys going...and they have all your other beach needs covered too.

Thanks for the great OBX tips Brennan! Those are some local secrets. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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