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10 Nov 2023
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Countdown to Holiday Fun: Outer Banks Getaway

It's never too early to turn your thoughts toward planning a memorable winter holiday season on the Outer Banks. Whether you're dreaming of cozy gatherings, festive decorations, or winter wonderland adventures, it's the perfect moment to begin crafting your ideal holiday season, ensuring it's filled with joy and unforgettable moments.

One of the best things about the holidays is spending time with your family and celebrating the good things that have happened throughout the year. What better way to do this than to take a vacation together to one of the most beautiful places in the world? Spend whatever holiday you celebrate in the quiet comfort of a beautiful Outer Banks vacation home and enjoy the bliss of vacationing on the Outer Banks while taking advantage of the perks that come with celebrating away from home. Keep reading for 10 Reasons to Spend the Holidays on the Outer Banks! Whether you're coming for Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving or New Years, during the winter months, there's no better place to be than by the sea!

1. Create a New Family Tradition - And Memories to Last a Lifetime!

Spending the holidays at the Outer Banks promises to give everyone in your family group memories that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. So why not make it a new family tradition to come down to the Outer Banks to celebrate your most meaningful holidays together? Give your loved ones something to look forward to throughout the year. And with your annual upcoming Outer Banks holiday vacation on your mind, those last few weeks of school or work before the break will fly by. There are few things better than recounting memories year after year of those precious Hanukkah or Christmas memories spent at the beach!

2. Easy Prep With No Mess!

Gone are the days of running around cleaning last-minute before grandma pulls into the driveway. Book a vacation rental on the Outer Banks and greet the holidays with a clean home, fresh linens, and someone able to do the laundry for you at the end of the week! Just bring the presents and any special family mementos or decorations and be sure to pack them up and take them home at the end of the week. Reserve your energy for family time, not endless vacuuming or scrubbing to get your house ready for hosting. Be sure to check out our Holiday Travel Tips before hitting the road!

3. Enjoy Quality Time Together!

When you're spending the holidays at home, it's so easy to get wrapped up with the things that consume your daily life. But a trip to the Outer Banks, away from the familiar, makes it easy to forget about school or work and simply focus on spending time with your loved ones and celebrating the holidays that are important to you. Put the phones away, forget about social media, and live in the moment in your beautiful vacation rental with the sound of the ocean nearby and the scent of salt on the air.

4. There’s Plenty of Room for the Whole Family!

And speaking of the family, when you spend your holidays in an Outer Banks vacation rental, you don't have to worry about where people are going to sleep. No more pulling out the couch or doubling-up in the kids' room. Most of our Outer Banks beach homes have multiple bedrooms with plenty of space for everyone to have their own bed! Give Aunt Jan and Uncle Fred their own room downstairs while settling all the kids and their cousins in a convenient bunk room. Some homes even include a TV in each room, so it's easy to keep everyone satisfied during your stay at the Outer Banks. Talk about a happy holiday home!

5. Take Advantage of a Large, Full Kitchen for the Big Meal!

Whether you're prepping that big, Thanksgiving Turkey or frying up some latkes for the family, one of the best things about spending your holidays in an Outer Banks vacation rental is the chance to prepare meals in the perfect kitchen for the week. Many of our homes have spacious countertops for pre-meal prep while some even boast double refrigerators and wine coolers. So be sure to take advantage of a large kitchen for the big meal of your holiday season! It's never been easier to cook for 12 when you've got all the space in the world.

6. Stay Near Exciting Things to Do!

When you spend a week on the Outer Banks, there's never a shortage of exciting things to do. You can visit the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island or have a picnic at Jockey's Ridge State Park. And when you come down during the holiday months, there's no end to the exciting parades and events going on. Check out our Guide to Celebrating the Holidays on the Outer Banks for curated weekend itineraries and tips for making the most of your time in the area. Don't underestimate the peace and quiet of simply enjoying a day at the beach when it's a little more chilly. You probably won't be swimming in the water, but you can enjoy the fresh air and wildlife just the same! No more worrying about how you're going to entertain your family after presents are over. Let the Outer Banks take care of the fun stuff for you!

7. Stress Less!

When you walk into one of our beautiful Outer Banks vacation rentals, the stress of your everyday life just drifts away with the shifting sands. Bring that same energy into the holiday season! No more worrying about figuring out who's going to host, which parties you can make it to, or even if you can make it into the office for that Christmas Eve "emergency." Get away from the stress of a traditional holiday and let your holiday vacation be an actual vacation. Enjoy the comfort of a warm, bubbly hot tub or a cup of tea on the porch overlooking the ocean or the sound. Be ready to embrace the new year rested and rejuvenated!

8. Escape the Snow!

Who said the "white" in "White Christmas" had to be snow? Escape the freezing temperatures of winter and spend your holiday season in a more temperate climate. Building sandcastles and climbing the dunes can still give you that "white Christmas" you're hoping for! And all that without having to shovel your way out to the road or warm your hands after they'd turned red from digging in the snow. Enjoy being able to step outside on Christmas morning without having to bundle up. And if the kids really want to build a snowman, a sandman can still be pretty fun.

9. Great Middle Ground!

Family spread out around the country? Tired of fighting over who's hosting this year? An Outer Banks vacation rental is the perfect neutral territory for the holidays! And, since it's located pretty centrally between the Northeast and Florida, you can easily argue that it splits the difference and makes equal driving distance for everyone. So forget fighting about whose house your going to. Save that energy for opening presents and planning adventures up and down the Outer Banks.

10. Fewer Crowds!

Honestly, there's no bad time of the year to visit the Outer Banks. With temperate weather, beautiful sunrises over the ocean, and always something to do, beach time should definitely be any time if you ask us! But one of the perks of visiting the Outer Banks during the "off-season" and spending your holidays with us down here on the Outer Banks is the fact there are sure to beless people around than if you're staying with us in June or July. With the shiftin seasonality, more and more businesses are staying open year-round, so you're not likely to miss out on much. Besides, with Thanksgiving and Christmas specials at local restaurants and less traffic, you're setting yourself and your family up for a relaxing, quiet vacation that has you coming back year after year to bask in the peace that comes over the Outer Banks in winter. If feeling the salty breeze wash over you while you're curled up with a light blanket or your favorite sweater sounds better than searching for a spot on the sand in the middle of July, spending your next family holiday celebration on the Outer Banks is the perfect solution.

Book Your Outer Banks Holiday Vacation Now! It's Never Too Early!

It's never too early to start thinking about how you're going to spend your holiday season.

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