Colington Road Improvements

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Kill Devil Hill's Colington Island lies in the Albemarle Sound side of the Outer Banks.  It is one of the older places of residence on the Outer Banks.  In fact, the first people inhabited the island around 1,800 years ago.  Today it is a place which thousands of Outer Banks locals call home, including many Colington Harbour residents.    

To get to Colington Island from the 158 bypass, you have to drive down a 4.3 mile stretch of windy Colington Road.  The road is prone to flooding and, despite several road alterations, a little sketchy to travel because of its many crazy curves.  Despite all of this, over twelve thousand drivers travel Colington road each day.  

Now the good news:   the North Carolina Department of Transportation just finished a public meeting last Thursday in which they discussed a $17.4 million dollar improvement project on the table for Colington Rd.  Upgrades would consist of a bicycle path, widening the road, and raising low spots in the pavement.  The plan also calls for lessening a curve near the Sandpiper Drive intersection.  

More meetings are planned for this project and the land needed is expected to be acquired in 2017.  The improvements are projected to begin in 2018.


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Monday, September 21, 2015


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