End of Rodanthe Pier falls into sea


By Chad Fournier, 

So here's the deal, during some severe storms this past October the Rodanthe Pier sustained damage.  The end of the pier became separated from the rest of the pier. Here is a photo of what that looked like as of early yesterday.

Well due to rough surf,  the part of the pier that was cut off fell into the ocean yesterday.  We went out today to take a look and this is what we saw. 


Just crazy, the whole end of the pier is gone, swallowed by the sea.  The good news is that the owners of the Rodanthe Pier had stocked up on supplies to begin repairs before Wednesday's rough waters changed their plans.  They do still plan to rebuild despite the setback. 

To learn more about the Rodanthe Pier CLICK HERE

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Thursday, January 7, 2016


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